music traditions, change and creativity in africa

Music Traditions, Change and Creativity in Africa
Past and Present



In February 2014 an international seminar on musical dynamics and creativity in Africa was held at Tor Vergata University of Rome. The topic and the approach were strongly influenced by issues that Gerhard Kubik believed should have been addressed for a long time, such as the attention to cultural and social dynamics, with a specific emphasis on the creativity of individuals.
Beside his keynote address, Music Traditions, Change and Creativity in Africa includes the contributions presented by scholars from different countries, particularly active in the East African area and in dialogue with Italian researchers who have field experience in the same region.

Music Traditions, Change and Creativity in Africa is the first monograph of a series of volumes connected and inspired to the journal Etnografie Sonore / Sound Ethnographies (, which Giorgio Adamo and his colleagues recently founded.

Along with the papers multimedia contents are also available online; please find them here.

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  • Giorgio Adamo – Preface
  • Gerhard Kubik – (Keynote Address) Culture Dynamics and Individual Creativity in Africa. A 50-year Report
  • Moya Aliya MalamusiContinuity and Change in South-East African Musical Traditions
  • Sinosi MlendoFrom Kwela Music of the 1950s to the Kachamba’s Heritage Jazzband
  • Giorgio AdamoUlimba Xylophone Groups in Southern Malawi. Previous Sources and Recent Fieldwork
  • Serena Facci Enyamulere Flute, Omunde Dance and Wedding Songs: “Tradition” and “Neo-tradition” in Nande-Konzo Music (DRC and Uganda)
  • Vanna Viola Crupi – The Endara Xylophone of the Bakonzo (Uganda). Past and Present
  • Linda Cimardi Teaching and Performing “Traditional Folk Songs” in Western Uganda Schools
  • Alessandro Cosentino – Master-Disciple Relationship in Finger-Style Guitar: Donald Kachamba and Christopher Gerald
  • Mitchel StrumpfDifferent Approaches to Music Education in East Africa: The Past 100 Years
  • Donald Otoyo Ondieki The History of Popular Music in Kenya
  • Wolfgang Bender The Run for the African Sound. The Commercial Recording Industry in the 20th Century for and in Africa
  • August Schmidhofer The Use of Foreign Musical Idioms by Faustino Okello (Uganda)
  • Francesco Giannattasio From Ritual Possession to the Show Business: Step by Step Transformation of a Somali Song
  • Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann The Role of Women in the Nyanga Panpipe Dance in Mozambique. Past and Present



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